March forth!

I missed February.  I think that’s becoming a habit, actually.  I checked the archives. While I regard January as my least favorite month (sorry Jill, it has nothing to do with your or Paige’s birthday.), it should probably be February that’s my least favorite.  You  know.  Because of the February Funk.  It gets me every year.  Despite the fact I see it coming and despite the fact that there are many fun days in February.

There’s Dale and Tammy’s birthdays and Brad’s birthday, and Valentine’s Day and Daniel’s birthday, and State Wrestling, and the end of the high school wrestling season, and a new batch of student teachers to place and then it goes out with the bang of my half birthday.  And every four years a bonus day, when I do something zany.  Many. Fun. Days.

Still.  The funk.

But it is March.  And we have arrived safely on the other side.  My taxes are done.  With money coming back.  Nice.  And the birds chirp in the mornings and it’s already dawn out before 7am.  And Tara was in her first pinewood derby yesterday (and she wasn’t dead last!) (They let girl scouts in these days – those progressive boy scouts).  And Spring Break is only one week away, and I’m half done with this semester of teaching Child Psych, and I’ve found my favorite dress pants in all the world at Gap, and my tea is tasty every morning.

Yes.  March forth!

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7 Responses to March forth!

  1. Jill says:

    Heh, funny. I love Jan, for obvious reasons, and hate Feb. However, it’s March 4th and I still have “the crappy mood that wouldn’t end.” The light at the end of the tunnel seems pretty distant. Sigh. April yet?

  2. Nate says:

    Hey Beth, long time!

    In honor of the title of this post you’ve got to check out this great, funky marching band from Portland – March Fourth:

    I’ve seen them play/march once and they are great.


  3. Brad says:

    I certainly share your dread of February. It seems to be a wide-spread sentiment. When I was first teaching, I was having a really difficult stretch of days, and I said something about it to the other teachers. One of them said: “It’s February.” heh.

  4. Kristi says:

    Bring on the beauty of March. Flowers will poke through the earth; the winds will blow your hair to smithereens; you can fly a kite.

    It’s nice to see you back, Beth.

  5. Nate says:

    Hey Beth,
    Great seeing you in MO last weekend. Maybe the festivities have inspired you to post a new blog!?!…


    PS, reduce, reuse, RECYCLE!!!!!!

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